Looking for passive paid videos? Try InboxDollars!

I’ve been a member of InboxDollars for a while now, and I have cashed out 4 times to the tune of about $120. It’s one of those sites I use, but not religiously. I’ve discovered recently a beautiful feature they have called InboxDollars T.V. If you are looking for videos that autoplay so you can earn nearly passively, this is the place to be. You can earn up to $2 per day with these. All you have to do is click on the button that comes up every now and again that asks you if you are still watching. If it tells you you are out of logo-tvvideos, it is probably just for that particular category. Click a different one and keep going.

Of course, InboxDollars has all the other features one would expect from the usual online rewards clubs that pays you cash for completing activities. Earn cash when you are credited for completing offers, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and engaging in many more activities.

You can track your earnings and progress towards Gold Membership on your Current Earnings page. Gold members enjoy additional perks including faster payments, more sweepstakes entries, more loyalty rewards, and additional referral rewards. Once you cash out for the first time, your account will automatically be upgraded to gold. For non-Gold members, it takes around two weeks for payments to be processed. For gold members, payments are processed weekly.

Once your account reaches a balance of $30, you can request a check or a Visa Cash Card. Too bad they don’t offer PayPal, but I’m fine with that. Money is money.

Of course, do searches every day to earn Sweeps Entries, or cash amounts from 1 – 4 cents for every four searches. If you search every day, (which you WILL, because you follow My List each and every day!) you are credited an additional 10 cents every Sunday as a loyalty bonus.

If you regularly do the surveys and offers, you are opened up to even more earnings such as additional videos and paid emails.

They have an app in which you can watch videos as well. But you have to “x” out of each one, and so far I have only earned Sweeps entries. Sweeps are where you can enter to win cash prizes or gift cards.

winitlogoMembers can also find and enter WINIT codes. These are posted on their social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. WinIt prizes vary by code such as sweepstakes entries, cash, or a contest entry.

All in all, this is a pretty cool site and worth signing up for to put in your daily routine.inbox

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