Swagbucks video playlists that are 4 minutes or LESS per SB! Updated daily!

If you liked and have bookmarked How To Earn Several Quick Swagbucks – Every Day! The Best And Quickest Video Playlist, you will want to do the same with this one!

Each playlist below is 4 (or 4.5) minutes or shorter in length, per SB earned! And like your other favorite list, it will be updated daily, since I do use it myself. Have you noticed that some of the playlists are over an hour or more in length? Who has time for that nonsense? Enjoy!!

It’s slim-pickin’s right now on all the GPT sites. Therefore, I’ve added more videos, up to 7 minutes per SB. And, I make every effort to keep this updated on a daily basis. If it is not, I may be having a Fibro Flare, or just an attack of the lazies. lol  🙂

Updated:  December 10, 2018 

*** I don’t know if it is just me…but the SB video playlists suck anymore! Remember the good old days? Playlists that were only 4 or 5 minutes long? Gone! And sorry I’ve not updated this in a while! I am a terrible procrastinator! Also been sick with the flu and will be having surgery in a couple of weeks. Ugh… 😦

Video Minutes SB
Minues per SB
The Winter Olympics Are Over 8 2 4.00
Extreme Sports 8 2 4.00
All Star 10 2 5.00
Incredibles 2 10 2 5.00
Raccoon Antics 10 2 5.00
All About Marvel 21 4 5.25
The Boss 11 2 5.50
Cocktail Inspired Desserts 11 2 5.50
The Facebook Fiasco 11 2 5.50
This Week On Wall Street 17 3 5.67
Kardashian News 19 3 6.33
Animals, Eh? 19 3 6.33
America’s Opioid Epidemic 13 2 6.50
Tech Stocks 13 2 6.50
The Queen of Soul 20 3 6.67
Sustainable Fashion 14 2 7.00
Puppy Love 21 3 7.00
Let’s Travel 15 2 7.50
Mr. and Mrs. Carter 15 2 7.50
Gardening Tips 15 2 7.50
Let’s Talk Sports 16 2 8.00
Immigration Crisis 16 2 8.00
Comic-Con 2018 33 4 8.25
Things To Know 17 2 8.50
Cupcake Wars 17 2 8.50
America’s Funniest Home Videos 34 4 8.50

Like getting to paid to watch videos? Check out QuickRewards. They pay a penny or more PER video!

List of what I do every day at MomsOfficeAlso check out this post:  Related Post!!  MyPoints video playlists – each LESS than 6 minutes for every 2 points! Pays better than Swagbucks playlists!


40 thoughts on “Swagbucks video playlists that are 4 minutes or LESS per SB! Updated daily!

  1. Hi,

    I have a question. I would like to make at least $3 a day. I already use Swagbucks but I was wondering about ClixSense and QuickRewards. Is it possible to make that much with one of them and, if so, which would be the better option? Mostly videos since I’m disabled and don’t do well with surveys and most offers.


    1. Absolutely you can! I rarely do surveys. For one thing I don’t have the patience, and secondly I have a bad back. Sitting still doing one task for too long makes me irritable. I prefer working in short spurts, (I babysit my grand-kids, too) and videos fit perfectly into my lifestyle.

      Swagbucks: I make around $100 a month, and this is just from videos, the daily poll, NOSO, Swag Jump and the apps. So this alone is over $3 a day.
      Quickrewards: Make sure you check out this section: http://www.quickrewards.net/e/offers/?p=ayvCVvA4bkA-&n=%20Daily%20Clicks Each video is worth 1 cent. Some of the slideshows are a bit more. This section alone could keep you busy all day.
      ClixSense: I have been a member here for a few years, and only recently went back to it. Not sure why I left, as the pay-out is pretty decent. I just focus on the “Regular ads.” These are mostly 15 second each for 1/2 cent. A few ads for 30 seconds pop up now and then, these pay 1 cent. I will be doing a blog post about it very soon.

      And if you haven’t already, check out my post about what I do everyday. Just following this list should VERY easily get you to your goal! 🙂 http://www.momsoffice.net/list-of-what-i-do-every-day-at-momsoffice/


      1. Thank you. I’ve been doing 300 sbs a day for a while now. It just feels sometimes that it’s all I seem to be doing and the fluctuating points are very frustrating (to get the 300 without sitting all day I’ve been having to start at the 3am turnover). I’m hoping to find something to either supplement SB or something that won’t take quite as much time. $25 a week isn’t much but it’s very nice when your only other possible income is $600 a month in benefits.


    2. One thing I forgot to mention… you don’t need to choose between QuickRewards and ClixSense. You can actually work on them together. While a video is playing on QR, switch over to CS and watch a couple of ads! Have the windows open side-by-side, so you can watch both at the same time. It becomes easier with practice. I always multitask. 🙂


    3. SocietysChild, I have really been pondering your question for a few days now. I finally have a definite answer for your question regarding the better option between Quickrewards and Clixsense. Deninitly hands down — ClixSense! Especially since I have downloaded an extension called Buxenger App. You will meet your $3 goal at Clixsense in about 1.5 hours, or perhaps less. It helps you zoom through the ads, and no, it will not get you banned. It just lets you view them back to back, rather than click, view, close, click, view close, etc. I hope you find my suggestion helpful! I am loving ClixSense right now!


      1. Thanks! So far it does seem at least a little faster. It’s certainly less click intensive.


  2. The watch playlists are constantly being gutted. It’s sad. But, as of now, the toolbar watch has become auto advancing. If you put it on ZooTV especially it’s fairly easy to get the daily limit of points. You just have to check it now and then in case it crashes.


    1. OMGosh! WHEN did they do this?! I gave up on these about 10 days ago, because I was so tired of the clicking. They have taken so much away, so this is really nice of them. Thank you for pointing this out. 🙂 Auto-playing the videos now…


      1. I’m not sure when it started. I do the toolbar everyday with the clicking. A few days ago I happened to leave my desk for a little bit and when I came back I noticed that the progress bar had kept advancing.


    1. Thank you! Just about to update that page now. Running behind because MyPoints gave me a migraine by changing up THEIR videos. Been a busy day! 🙂


  3. Thank you for taking the time to put this list together and to search through the videos to find them for this list.


      1. Thank you again for taking the time to make this list, it is a great help! You are awesome for sharing!


  4. You might want to look at this list—almost all of these are re-directing back to swagbucks.com/watch. Not sure yet if they’ve just changed the URLs or if the playlists have disappeared. As of this morning, the 1st 3 do not work. “Firefighters Rule” works. “The New IPhone 7” and Amy Schumer and Tina Fey do not. That’s as far as I’ve got, so far.


    1. “Got a Job?” is the next one down that works. I haven’t checked to see if any of these are there but at new URLs.


    2. These are the ones that are still working today. The rest are redirecting to swagbucks.com/watch.

      Firefighters Rule
      Christmas Origins
      Explore More
      Random Facebook Stuff
      New York News
      Got A Job?
      Dog Eat Dog World
      Going Viral
      In Outer Space
      Cute Animals
      The Military
      Flying Solo
      Thanksgiving Quick Tips
      Stuff In Supermarkets
      The Deep Blue
      Feeling Horse
      President Obama
      Going Viral
      Richard Branson In The News
      What’s In The Kitchen?
      Honeymoon Blunders
      Tennis Curios
      Fitness Through Sensual Dance
      Kim Kardashian In Focus


      1. Good job, Default usually goes from blue to purple so it’s hard to see the diffrence without my 300x. lol gray out is better. Thanks


      2. Good Job. Default colors are blue to purple but it’s hard to see the difference sometimes. This is better.


      3. Thanks. I changed the colors again, and I hope it works better. I think the colors were too similar before. I’ve changed it to more contrasting colors, so hopefully it works better for you. I appreciate the feedback!! 🙂


    1. I try. I really do! I try to update as soon as a link is no longer directing to a video. But life gets in the way sometimes! Sometimes it is no longer a valid link, but if you get the “Oops… blah, blah, blah..” then the video is still there, but may not be available to you. It’s like a soft ban of sorts. This means it is temporary, but they are looking for fresh eyes for the ad. Thanks for your question, and I am sorry it took me so long to respond! 😦


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