The best paying nCraves on MyPoints

This is a difficult post to do. Not really the post itself, but the nCraves themselves.

They are picky, they jump around, and sometimes they disappear for weeks at a time.

These are the ones that I was able to gather today on MyPoints. I was very much surprised to see the difference in the rewards offered. I was watching all the 6 point ones today, then I was exasperated my how long they took. So I did some investigating.

Wow… I could have been watching the 2 point “Men” nCrave over and over, at only 3 minutes a pop! Make sure it is on Discovery mode so it will auto-play.

On the list below, I originally had 2 more finicky nCraves, but they passed away before I could get their info.

Help us all by filling in the other nCraves that you find, that are not on the list. Post your findings in the comments.

I’ll need:

  • Name of the nCrave
  • Points rewarded
  • The time. It is usually something like: 45 seconds and 20 videos

So, these are the nCraves I was able to capture today, in order of best to worse. I’ve only included the “Discovery” ones, since they auto-play. These have the little arrow in a circle, indicating it plays in “Discovery mode. Hopefully you get many of the best before they vanish on you. Remember, the nCraves are usually different for everyone! Therefore, I will keep this as current as possible. But the video times change FAST. Even within the same day. So bear with me if the best video changes right after I post it. 🙂

Hint: Watch nCraves in the Vivaldi browser to avoid those irritating popups!

Updated:  4/30/2018

Link to MyPoints nCrave:

Healthy Life 3 4.17 1.39
Earn Like Never Before 3 4.50 1.50
Entertainment Videos 8 15.33 1.92
Lifestyle (She knows) 5 9.80 1.96
Movie / TV Reviews 6 13.33 2.22
Earn Tons of SB 2 5.00 2.50
Entertainment (purple) 6 15.00 2.50
TV Insider 3 8.33 2.78
Trending Playlist 3 9.00 3.00
Furry Flix 3 9.67 3.22
Chic Trends 6 20.00 3.33
Daily News Videos 6 20.67 3.44
Moto TV 6 20.67 3.44
Web Videos 5 22.00 4.40

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