List of what I do every day at MomsOffice

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2019) In order to maximize your earnings, you have to be organized and use your time wisely. I made a checklist of sorts for myself, with links to what is quick and easy to do. This gets my earnings going quite quickly every day. I start on it along with my first cup of coffee as I “come-to” from my sleep coma. I don’t even have to think while I soak in the caffeine, do some clicks and watch the news.

Try PrizeRebel!

If you bookmark and go through this checklist every day, you are guaranteed a certain set amount that adds up quickly over time. When I am finished with this list, and while I am waiting for Swagbucks videos to finish playing, I move on to other things. Sometimes surveys (yuck! I hate surveys, but I do them on occasion), sometimes listing things to sell on eBay, doing data entry stuff at mTurk, writing or researching for a blog post, breaking up fights between the grandchildren, you get the idea.

This, is by no means a comprehensive list. I do much more than this. Sometimes not all of it. But it is a tool. You can just go about your normal routine knowing that you have knocked some easy, no-brainer stuff out of the way, and put some guaranteed cash in your pocket. This will be updated on an as-needed basis, as we all know things change constantly with these websites.

Just clink on the links, and with the exception of the apps, it takes you right where you need to go. Next thing you know, you will be cashing out all over the place! Enjoy!!

June 3, 2019: Please be patient with me. I am going to be doing bits and pieces of updates, until my site is fully functioning and current again. I have fibromyalgia, so I am tired a lot, but more importantly, I am a horrible procrastinator!


EarnHoney – (Sign up here)

  • BuzzTV and Watch videos – Follow the instructions and leave it running in it’s very own window to play videos. ALL DAY! No captcha, no “are you still watching?” reminders, nothing to “x” out of. Just set it and let it go. ALL THE TIME.
  • Explore offers – They keep changing around the offer walls, so here they all are in one place.
  • VideoLab – THIS is where you want to watch your VideoLab. It pays 1.5¢ per round!
  • AdGate – These should credit:
    • 36¢ – this is the HIGHEST PAYING I’ve seen!
    • Overactive Bladder? Know your options 
    • Live Well and Prosper 
  • PersonaLy – These should credit:
    • “Save on Everyday Products” 2.2¢
    • “” 4.9¢
    • “” 
  • RevenueUniverse – This should credit:
    • – 6¢
    • Check for: – do a CTRL F search for: “zip” This will bring up any of the former Insurance Branch offers. All you need to do is enter your zip code and do a search.
    • And finally. Scroll to the top and look for the drop-down box under “Earn Bonus ClixSense.” Click on the drop-down on “Clicks and Videos.” If there is anything there, do these. They are easy tasks and more than likely will credit. Sometimes it will credit just by clicking on it!
  • My Surveys – The surveys pay out pretty well, and you get an additional 50% if you watch at least 10 videos first on BuzzTV or Watch.” They quickly tell you if you qualify or not. You will receive 1 HD if you are disqualified from a survey, up to 3 times. If you successfully complete a survey, your consolation prizes are replenished. Check back multiple times per day!
  • I used to LOATHE this site. Now, I am completely in love. The reason I felt intense dislike and disgust for EarnHoney, is because I couldn’t get it to work. I find that it works just fine for me if I use IE (Internet Explorer). Others get it to work on Chrome or Firefox. It won’t work if you have ad blockers installed. You will find that the offers wall pays out much better than other sites. Read my EarnHoney review here.


ClixSense – (Sign up here)

  • Daily Checklist -Don’t forget! Complete this daily checklist and earn an additional 16% on top of your daily earnings.This is for EVERYONE now! Not bad! 🙂
  • ClixOffers – Look for “Websites Explorer.” These are the HyperMX or JunGroup videos you will find on other sites. Many times pays 2 cents each, and quickly fulfills your Daily Checklist requirements for at least 2 offers! Also available here is VideoLoyalty , VideoLab and EngageMe.TV — These are PASSIVE!! Earn an additional 16% on top of your daily earnings!!
  • Adsend – Check this out for the EngageMe.TV. Not only will you earn passively, but you will fulfill your Daily Checklist requirements for at least 2 offers! Let it run all day!!
  • AdGate – Sort by “free” and “low to high.” Many one click offers that quickly fulfills your Daily Checklist requirements for at least 2 offers, meaning you will earn an additional 16% if completed!
  • Surveys – MANY surveys here that pay very well. Some really short ones too! Remember — you earn an additional 16% if your checklist is completed!!

instaGC – (Sign up here)

  • HyperMX – Videos (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Free Daily Sweeps – 10 chances to win from 5 – 50 points!
  • Point Booster Code  – Check Facebook or Twitter and enter here.
  • VideoLoyalty – I am really loving these VERY passive videos that play all day and all night!  🙂
  • Watch Videos – These play passively until they run out! When they do, refresh and watch again!
  • EngageMe.TV & Smores.TV – pays .7 cents per 3 videos. Passive except for the occasional “Are you still watching?” prompt.
  • OfferTorro – Videos & 1 click offers. VideoLab is paying 1.4 cents per round! When available… But it is one of the highest paying around!
  • MinuteStaff – Visit the site by clicking on the box, then the blue link. Keep refreshing and do until gone. But check back. They replenish often! (Can be done multiple times per day!) In addition, there is a “Live” tab. If you open this and let it “auto surf” in a small window, you will earn 2.075 points per hour. Measly pay, but still — you don’t have to do anything else – just let it surf. – this is the HIGHEST PAYING site for MinuteStaff I’ve found.
  • AdWall – There are LOTS of the “My Favorite Content” slideshows here. They are the highest paying of these particular slideshows I’ve found at 2.07¢. However, to me they are not worth it. Look for the “SaveWith.Coupons” offer. It credits for me every day at 2.42¢.
  • EnCrave – These are only worth 1 point, but better than nothing. Pay is much better on Swagbucks and MyPoints. Look for the auto ones. Click so the green check mark shows “Discovery Mode.” Once it starts counting down, hit “Ctrl” + “Tab.” This will prevent you from having to “keep the mouse on the page.”
  • RadiumOne – Sort from Low to High, and make sure no ad-block is on. Look for the medical videos, and the “Explore10” videos. Keep refreshing and do them until gone.
  • – Sort low to high. Usually several quick medical slideshow quizes here.
  • AdGate – I sort these by low to high, and then do “most popular.” Usually some good quick paying slideshows or videos. Look for “Insurance Branch.” These require a click and a zip code.
  • Revenue Universe – Worth a quick look for some easy clicks. Sometimes they have “Content Carousel” though I’ve not seen it in a while. When they do have it, the points add up very quickly, as you can do it mutiple times.
  • Search the web – Win 1-5 points randomly.

Earnably – (Sign up here)

  • Promo Codes – Check Twitter or Facebook.  I like to check this first. Often times they will have a special promo going on, “Like earn 20% more for the next 12 hours with this code. Awesome!
  • Radium One – Yay! They finally got this wall! Print one coupon from the offer for 20¢. Then, sort “Low to High” and look for the “Explore 10” videos for 2¢ each. Don’t bother with the “25 Slideshow” ones. Not worth it!
  • Minute Staff – Visit the tabs on “”Instant, View, Click & Target,” then the blue link. Keep refreshing and do until gone. But check back. They replenish often! After you have done them for a certain amount of time, the “Target” tab will become available as well.
  • AdGate Rewards – Sort “Free” & “Low to High.”  “Save On Everyday Products!”(2¢) “Live Well and Prosper” (2¢) “So Many Ways to Save!” (2¢)
  • Acornads – Go to the “Repeatable” tab. “It’s Time To Save” (9¢) & “Spend Less, Save More!” (3¢)
  • Adscend Media – Look for SaveWith.Coupons and print one coupon. (2.45¢) Then click on the “Videos” tab for Smores.TV and Hideout.TV. (.007¢ for every 3 video + ad watches)
  • Offer Walls – All the same offer walls you find everywhere else. Pick your favorites.
  • Videos –, Video Lab and Video Loyalty. Video loyalty is part of EarnHoney. You can sign up directly with them here.


Grindabuck – (Sign up here)

  • Check In – Clicking the green “Check In” button is worth 1 point
  • VideoLoyalty – Right now they are paying 2.4 GaBs for every 9 videos watched. This is part of EarnHoney. You can sign up directly with them here.
  • Minute Staff – Visit the tabs on “Instant, View, Click & Target,” then the blue link. Keep refreshing and do until gone. But check back. They replenish often! (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • AdGate – Look for and print only 1 coupon to earn 22 cents! – this is the HIGHEST PAYING I’ve seen for the RadiumOne offer wall! Sort “low to high” to quickly find the medical videos and other coupon print offers.
  • Acorn – Look for and print only 1 coupon for 11 cents. Also usually a coupon of Insurance Branch offers where you only have to enter your zip code. Sometimes Content Carousel is there — do as many times as it will let you.
  • Surveys – Just your typical surveys here.
  • OfferToro – Look for VideoLab!! One of the better payouts at 1.1 cent per round of videos.
  • RadiumOne – Medical videos and clicks pay 1 cent each. Look for “Print & Redeem Coupons! Choose Your Favorite 25.” Print just ONE coupon and earn 14 cents!! Every day!!
  • Peanut Labs – Some short surveys and medical slideshows/videos.
  • OfferDaddy – I’ve not seen this offer wall anywhere else. Fill out the short profile for some (they claim) “high paying surveys.” You will also find the usual medical videos and clicks.
  • Tap Research – Fill out your profile and gain access to some pretty short surveys!
  • Trialpay – I don’t ever do offers that require a credit card, but you may find a quick task or two here. Sort low to high.

Swagbucks – (Sign up here)

  • Daily Poll – Worth 1 SB
  • Toolbar TV – Watch Toolbar TV here instead of using the clunky SwagButton extension. These videos auto-play passively!
  • Check the blog – See if you are the lucky winner of 1000 SB! Check every hour for the new winner. To automate this — Yes! — so you DON’T FORGET — set up Crontabs to open every hour! The blog is also a good source of info for promotions going on at Swagbucks.
  • Swag Codes Spoiler – Posts active codes for Swagbucks.
  • Swagasaurus Run – Earn 2 SB for every-other game, up to 10 SB. Be patient and let it fully load between games to ensure proper crediting.
  • Peanut Labs – I love doing these surveys. For someone that hates surveys, that is a bold statement. And you do get 1 SB if you don’t qualify. Should credit: “Get an auto insurance quote!”
  • Swago – When Swago is going on, you will want to keep a check on your status so you can submit it in time.
  • Spin & Win – Don’t forget to use all of your spins when Swago is going on!
  • nCrave! – LOTS of SB to be earned here. I didn’t mention it before because I couldn’t get them, — (all I had was a white screen  and I am selfish like that. Now I have endless amounts of these delightful videos! Look for the ones that play in “Discovery Mode.” You will see a little swirled arrow in the bottom left corner, and these will auto-play. Check out this list of best paying I made for MyPoints. It’s going to be kind of the same (meaning “best paying” for Swagbucks.
  • Revenue Universe – Look for the “” offer, and print at least one coupon. After that, sort the “All Categories” drop-down box to “Clicks & Videos” for some easy offers.
  • “To Do” List – Left side of the home page. Complete 6 of 7 items below to earn Bonus SB!
  • OfferToro – Should credit:
    • “Stop Spending, Start Saving” x 2
  • AdGate – Should credit:
    • “Save On Everyday Products!”
  • AdscendMedia – Should credit:
    • “SaveWith.Coupons US”
  • SuperRewards – Should credit:
    • “Save With Coupons”
  • Inbox – Be sure to check your mail every day on the SB site! If you don’t you are missing out on some easy SB. (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Search – Earn SB if you win. Up to 4 awards per day! (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Coupons – Print 20 coupons each day, to earn 20 SB. Usually takes a day or two to credit.
  • In-Store Promotions – Check here each day for some very good deals!
  • Sponsored Videos -(Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • RadiumOne – Sort these from “Low payout to high.” There are several medical videos that you can watch for 1 SB each. These credit after just a few seconds. Make sure your ad blocker is off, or they will not show up. When you have completed them, refresh and do again, as many times as you can. Also look for Explore 10. These can be done multiple times. Please note that your ad blocker must be turned off to participate in RadiumOne offers.
  • Discover All Offers – Sort these from Minimum to Maximum SB to find some really quick and easy ones.
  • Apps – This will get you at least 60 SB. Even more with Bonus Rounds.
  • Video Playlists – 4.5 minutes or less per SB

MyPoints – (Sign up here)

  • Daily Poll – Earn 1 Point when you submit your vote
  • Sponsored Videos – JunGroup videos like on Swagbucks.
  • Coupons – Earn 1 Point per coupon printed* plus an additional 10 Points per coupon redeemed. *Maximum of 500 prints for a total of 500 Points can be earned for coupon print bonus per month. No maximum on the 10 Points per redemption.
  • nCrave!  – Just like the ones on Swagbucks, but some pay a bit better!
  • Check out this list of the best paying. I TRY to keep this current.
  • Playlist Links! Easily watch the best and quickest video playlists on MyPoints. They actually pay a fraction more than Swagbucks, which really adds up over time!
  • New Offer Walls! –
  • Featured Offers – MyPoints versions of an offer wall. Find things like “Tripping” “” and so on.
  • Surveys – Check to see if there are any quick surveys worth doing. If you do not qualify for an attempted survey, you are awarded 5 points. Make sure to fill out “Your Survey Profile.” You will earn 5 Points for every 10 questions.
  • Search – They have changed their search similar to Swagbucks. You may or may not be awarded points when you search.
  • Daily Five – Complete your Daily Five and earn 5 Bonus Points.

QuickRewards – (Sign up here)

  • Trivia Question – Worth 50 QP. They do the same ones over and over, so it is easy to learn the correct answer.
  • Interactive Videos – Worth varying amounts, but go quick and really add up. Keep refreshing until they run out. (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Daily Clicks – Worth.5 up to 2 cents. Must click on play button for video to start. Several videos to watch on this page. (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Reward TV – This is a quick and fun survey that I like to do every day. Pays $0.25
  • Flix TV – Earn 25 QP for each video watched.
  • Daily Checklist – Start at “Complete surveys” and click “[Check & Move On To Next Item]” until you have completed the checklist. This earns some easy tokens. One day in the (very) distant future, you can cash in your tokens for a $5 Amazon gift card or something.
  • gWallet aka RadiumOne – Sort Low to High. Often some quick medical videos to watch or easy offers. Make sure your ad blocker is off. Print one coupon from the offer for 17.55¢.
  • Revinue Universe – Look for the offer paying 5¢. Print ONE coupon to be credited. Then sort the list for “clicks & videos” to see what is being currently offered.
  • PeanutLabs – Besides surveys, there are sometimes those medical quizzes seen on other sites. Also, some clicks where you stay on the site for just 10 seconds. Sort by lowest reward.

PrizeRebel – (Sign up here)

  • Daily Points – Check this for any new videos. (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Engage Videos – Watch 6 videos, earn 2 points. (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Promo code – Check for new code and enter at the bottom left of this page.
  • Video Wall – All things video at PrizeRebel!, HyperMX, Encrave, and VideoLab!
  • Offer Walls – Do a quick check for your favorite offer walls. Please note: Insurance Branch offers under Adgate pay 5 cents each currently (Swagbucks 4 cents) and AvenueViral under Adscend pays 1.5 cents (vs Swagbucks 1 cent).
  • Surveys – If surveys are your thing, you will find many here.

GiftHulk – (Sign up here)

  • Offer Walls – Here you will find the Typical Offer Walls, but make sure to take note of the HyprMX videos on the last tab.
  • Offers – I like to try all of the coupon print offers. Pick your favorite offers.
  • Watch – Every 10 videos (one TV Round) you will earn 10 Hulk Coins.
  • Search – Like many sites, do a search to randomly earn coins.
  • Guess the Card game – “Guess the Card!” – guess the exact card and win 50 Hulk Coins!
    “Guess the Rank!” – guess the card rank (the suit doesn’t matter) and win 10 Hulk Coins!
    “Guess the Card!” – guess the card suit (the rank doesn’t matter) and win 4 Hulk Coins!
  • GC Bonuses – From time to time a bonus code will be released via Facebook. Enter it here. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO SPACE AT THE END, otherwise it will tell you the code has been entered incorrectly.

iRazoo: Invite code: MXPYLY

  • HyperMX – Videos (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Watch Videos – HyperMX & EngageMe.TV
  • OfferToro – Look for VideoLab. Trouble is, they pay less than 1 cent per round of videos. Best viewed somewhere else.
  • KiwiWall – Typical offer wall.
  • Radium One – Look for the 3 pt. medical videos and articles AFTER you have done them at the sites that pay 1 cent each — these are only 1/2 cent. However, sometimes they will have some you have not already done somewhere else. Sort low to high payout.
  • Search –  Earn between 1 and 25 iRazoo Points, up to 25 points per day. Don’t forget to hit the “claim” button!
  • Adscend Media – Videos, slideshows and Insurance Branch offers.
  • AdGate – Lately there have been a ton of Insurance Branch offers where all you do is enter your zip code. Also look for the medical videos.
  • Promo Codes – Check for current promo codes. Also check their Twitter. They usually have at least one per day! Enter promo codes here.
  • PerkTV
    • Run PerkTV videos PASSIVELY on up to 5 devices simultaneously! Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Kindle or Smartphones. One account per household. This is just too easy to ignore. Make sure any ad blocker you may have installed is disabled.
    • Bonus Video Offer – These quick videos pay much better than the ones on the app. Bookmark and check several times a day.
    • Offer Wall – the same Offer Wall you will find everywhere else. Check out your favorites. I like SuperRewards. for their videos. Many like to do the Peanut Lab surveys.


InboxDollars – (Sign up here)

  • Search – Do some searches every day until you win a prize. Every 4 searches will win you between 1 – 4 cents, or 10 Sweeps entries. If you search every day, you will be rewarded a “Search Loyalty Bonus” of 10 cents every Sunday. (Can be done multiple times per day!)
  • Learn & Earn – Trivia question each day to win a few cents or sweeps.
  • Check Facebook or Twitter – For a “WinIt” Code. Enter on the homepage, top right.
  • Surveys – Gotta do the occasional survey and offer to boost your earnings and give access to the videos.

Grab Points – (Sign up here)

  • Watch Videos – Here you will find Jun videos, Grabpoints TV, Engageme.TV, and various playlists. Watch away!
  • Articles – Here you will find some quick slideshows when they are available.
  • Jun Videos – Different ones than those listed under “Watch Videos.”
  • Radium One – Usually a few videos that weren’t found on other sites.
  • Surveys – Lots to find here.
  • Offers – Some interesting offers here. Some you may not have thought of doing otherwise.
  • Offer Walls – All the usual offer walls.


ClickPerks – (Sign up here)

  • Hyprmx – Videos. Each point on this site is equal to 10¢.
  • Videos – includes AdBistro
  • SheKnows Videos – When and IF these videos show back up, you can do these over & over again. I keep a small window to the side just for this. Every few days you will have enough for a $3 Amazon gift card. (30 points) Yes, this site ClickPerks pays like crap, however, I am hoping it will turn into a decent site someday. The more people that sign up, the better this site will get.
  • Surveys – Opinionmetwork, Peanut Labs, Pulleys Surveys, and Surveys
  • AdscendMedia – Offer Wall that includes EngageMe.TV videos
  • RadiumOne – Medical videos, coupon prints and sometimes some other easy “Explore the Best of the Web” videos show up here.
  • AdGate – I usually sort these “Most Popular” $ “low to High.” Look for “Make Your Money Stretch,” “” & “” Plus some other miscellaneous slide shows, etc.
  • OfferToro – I like to do the “1 Click” tab. Clip one coupon on all the coupon sites to get credit. If you are really bord, you can do the 1¢ “AvenueViral” videos. You “only” have to do 10 pages, but now there is a 15 second countdown timer for each page. They page better elsewhere. The best paying for AvenueViral is at Instagc on the AdWall page. It pays 2.07¢!
  • SuperRewards – I usually check the “Free Offers” tab, (, print ONE coupon, see if is available, sometimes there are videos to watch.) Then I check the “Video” tab and the “Slideshow” tab. These have been empty for a while, but it is worth a check.
  • Live Surveys – Several surveys here. Usually offering some quick ones that pay surprisingly well. Remember – each point is worth 10¢.
  • Peanut Labs – Surveys and offers. Check the “Free” tab.
  • Personaly – Surveys and quick offers here. Check for “Dating Finder,” “Mortgage Finder” and any other “Finder” offer. All you have to do with these is enter your zip code and complete the captcha. Also look for “,” “Insurance Branch” & “Daily Break” offers. For Daily Break, you will need to do a one-time sign up. It is worth it, because they post a few decent paying offers each month.

Sign up for 1Q – (Sign up here)

  • Some of you may have done this already, but you will love this, I promise!
  • It is just like it sounds. Answer 1 question by text and immediately have $0.25 deposited into your PayPal account!
  • I was very pleased to have discovered this and I’m surprised it is not more widely known!! No spam from them! Ever!
  • Answer questions — just one at a time — from your phone. Receive questions via text or download the app and enable location tracking for even more questions to answer.


Not a member of these sites? Use my <cough-cough, hint-hint> Referral Sign-up Links below. You know, since I am thoughtful enough to share my daily list with you. It seems I have the rare talent of anticipating the needs, and earnings happiness of others  🙂  And please, if you have shortcuts of your own, please share in the comments!

46 thoughts on “List of what I do every day at MomsOffice

  1. Hi! I found your site because I am looking for ways to earn from home. I was wondering do you set a goal for each site or you just complete a few tasks then move on to the next list?


    1. Hi. I’m glad you found my site! It depends. For example, I meet my daily goal at Swagbucks, then I go for the 2nd goal. Any place that gives me a bonus for reaching a certain amount. I also complete the daily check list at ClixSense, because again, I get a bonus on top of it. I think it is 7% for all members and 16% for premium members. So, once that checklist is done, the more I do, the bigger my bonus is. Another site gives bonuses is iRazoo. So, if they give a bonus, then YES, I meet a daily goal at a particular site. If not, I just do a few of the things I like, and move on. I go through my own checklist 2 or 3 times a day, to make sure I’ve not missed anything. After that, I might do Amazon’s mTurk, or try my luck at some surveys. I really don’t have the patience for survey’s but I will do them when I’ve “run out” of things to do, or if I’m in the mood. I like mindless clicking so I can watch TV at the same time. LOL 🙂


      1. Right now, the only points I am getting on mypoints is for starting surveys & getting the 5pts when I don’t qualify. I wish someone could figure out the videos thing. I am still not able to do videos on SB or Mypoints it is so frustrating!! I have double checked & I do not have popupblocker turned on. I also added both of those to the exeption list so that is not the problem.


      2. Also another question I have; On the SB ToolBar Tv; Is 8 SB the limit per day on that? Because after that I get the pink Congratulations box saying I have watched all that I can today. Is that it or is there some way around that? Thanks!


      3. It is telling you that you have watched all that is available on that particular channel. Click on the one next to it (usually to the right). It will clearly tell you when you have reached the maximum number of videos for the day. For example there is “PopSugar,” “The Kardashians,” “ET,” “newsy,” WSJ,” and so on. 🙂


      4. Maybe try a different browser. A new one that has zero extensions added. You would be very surprised at what these different site “perceive” as an ad blocker. I have had good luck lately with IE and Edge. Let me know if this helps! 🙂


      5. Thanks, but I have just tried chrome and IE and no difference. I also went & disabled ALL of my extensions on chrome which were mypoiints, ebay & pinterest. No difference still 0 videos. Still the pink “sorry videos are not available”. So aggravating! This is also the same on Swagbucks so I have earned nothing for weeks now!


  2. Also today again cleared all browsing history and cookies/cache. No luck. Only get the sponsored video one.


  3. Hey, the mypoints or SB videos are still not playing for me. However, today if I go thru those Swago boxes for NCrave, those magically work! I knew it was them behind this problem! They ARE controlling how many people get to watch the videos.


    1. Yes, I think so too. WAY to many are suddenly complaining about missing videos as of late. And of course it happens to me off and on as well. These sites… not just Swagbucks… are getting on my nerves lately. But it is also the advertisers not spending as much on ads lately. I guess Christmas made them broke..?


    2. If you are able, try getting a fresh ip by resetting your router. My procedure is clear cookies/cache/browsing history then reboot. While the machine is rebooting switch off your router for 20 or 30 seconds then turn it back on. This will not work if you have a static connection though.


  4. I did your referral link signed up a week ago for EarnHoney & now already have 57 points yay. It is easy to do their videos thanks at least they are working for me unlike still the mypoints & SB. Today I joined thru you the QuickRewards & just earned 25cents already!


    1. Thank you for the referral sign-ups! I earn between $5 – $9 a day on EarnHoney. Open as many tabs of the BuzzTV videos as your computer will allow without crashing. You will certainly earn a bit more that way. 🙂


    1. Because they banned me. And I have no idea why. I’ve never been banned from a site before. I asked them, and they said it was against their policy to tell me exactly why, just that I had “fraudulent activity.” Well, that’s helpful. All I did was watch videos, and do clicks. It was my 2nd time cashing out, and upon cashing out they refused to process my payment. I did some research and found that I am not the only one. Quite frustrating and a bit suspicious.


      1. Sorry to hear it. I have only been using them since October. The offers seem to credit fairly well. Perhaps I should think about cashing out early and often. Anyway, I do love your site. Your checklist page is the first page I load when firing things up in the mornin’. I use most of the same programs you do. I don’t see GiftHulk on your list??? It is my second best earner behind MyPoints. I am loving Koinme………. very stable. Anyway thanks for all the effort you put into this site.


      2. Wanted you to be the first to know some of my SB videos are back magically today?!! I knew it was on their end all along. Saw the poster above I haven’t heard of this Koinme guess I will have to find that one too. I am so happy to have some SB videos points coming my way again!!!


      3. Glad the videos are back for you! And just in time for March Madness! They have doubled the points on some of the playlists! Now if only they would quit fiddling around with them… I can’t keep up!!

        Yes! Sign up for KoinMe. All you do is go to the offers page and click and let it auto surf all day. It doesn’t even have to be the active window! I’ve cashed out already twice. Get it while the getting is good. It’s a new site, so they usually don’t stay so awesome for very long. Just sayin’… 🙂


      4. Thank you! Glad you like my site! I’ve thought about GiftHulk, but I read some bad things about them as well, about them taking a long time to pay — if they pay at all. It couldn’t hurt to try. With Grabpoints, I was loviing them, even cashed out before, then poof — they banned me. It hurt my feelings. Especially when they wouldn’t tell me why. lol I think I’ll take a chance on GilfHulk pretty soon. 🙂


      5. Ask and you shall receive! I signed up with your referral link, but I’m not sure if it took — I may have been a member already because it already had my MomsOffic avatar on there! Kinda creepy. But check and see if you have MomsOffice as your referral. And keep the tips coming! Sometimes things slip pass me — which is EXACTLY why I have made my “To Do” list. I’ve been completely missing out on the free sweeps entry every day at Instagc. It’s been added to the list!


      6. Thanks Ma ! You did show up as a referral in my account. Few things for GH…
        Guess the Card…. win hulk coins, % boosters to increase your earnings on offers and free codes to earn points (see below) beginners get 10 guesses per day but you can work your way up to 60 guesses per day. tips: best return is to guess the suit, link to your facebook and get extra coin per win

        Fountain of Youth Codes:
        these can be won playing “guess the card” and are also available on the gifthulk blog every couple days or so. These codes are often able to be used by up to 4 people, so they can be shared or traded.

        As a thank you for being my referral, I will send you a batch of codes that I have accumulated.


      7. Awesome, thank You! I will add this to the “To Do” list very soon. I have a very busy weekend ahead, so MomsOffice will be empty for a bit. I do appreciate you telling me about the other things, because I was stumbling around the site — as I always do — when a site is new.


      8. Just a quick FYI……… I just did a paypal cashout on GiftHulk. Took 3 days from request to money in my paypal account. The 500 points I received from referring you put me over the top for the $25 cashout. Thanks again. 🙂


  5. Hi, just want to say thanks for list. I manage to earn at least a few dollars a day by doing just some of these tasks. My best earner used to be the gwallet videos, however recently there has only been a few 1 point articles or videos. Has this been the same for you too? Also I wonder how many websites can I do this offer. I currently only do it on one website but will my ip be blocked if I also do it on another site. I have a static ip by the way.


    1. You are welsome for the list, and I am happy to share. Please pass on any tips you run across! The Gwallet videos are the exact same as the RadiumOne Videos and they are available on multiple sites. No, your IP will not be blocked from doing them on multiple places, so feel free to do them until they run out at each site. Just because theyve run out at one site, does run mean they have run out at another. However, they do have a lot of the same ones, but some sites have different ones, so check around. Makes sure to check Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, CashCrate, GrindaBuck, iRazoo, Instagc, QuickREwards, etc. The only time your IP will get banned, is if you are clicking on them too fast. And then it is for 24 hours. (my bad…) And yes, lately, the articles and videos have not been as plentiful. It seems they have been having some issues lately. Some of the links were just completely broken a few weeks back.


  6. Hi Kim ! I would just like to say Thanks for this site! It helped me organize myself throughout the day. And when I am starting to feel a bit brain dead, I just click on one of your links and just click,click,click mindlessly LOL.

    On another note though, Have you or anyone noticed that Videolab or Videology is gone on all the sites? They were a godsend! (ahem next to you Kim of course)

    I really do hope its a settings problem on my computer. Are you still getting them?



    1. You are SO welcome, and I am glad you found my site!

      Videolab/Videology – Yes. I have noticed that it is gone periodically. I think that is when they are out of videos. Sometimes it is there and I click on it and I get an error. That means my IP has been temporarily blocked. Which… why would it be, if the videos are “unlimited..?” But I just accept it and move on. It’s all part of the game. But I am just happy when I can get them to run. 🙂


  7. I am surprised you don’t have a reminder on your list for Swagbucks to check the blog every hour. I keep foretting to do that sometimes it is days before I recheck! I know mine will never be there but at least it gives you “hope” like the lottery.


  8. Well today checking the SB blog lucky winner had my heart skip a beat! It was so close to my username I was so excited! Sadly it wasn’t mine but still fun to do. ha ha


  9. Today was my biggest Search bonus ever on Mypoints! For a normal search that I do all the time I got 37 points!!! It’s usually only 9 or 14 at the most. I love it!!


    1. The only auto-surf that I am aware of right now is on a Offer Wall called “Minute Staff.” There are other sites out there that have different ones, but I have found them to be a bit shady. Minute Staff can be found on instaGC, Grindabuck and Earnably. Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one’s web browser — meaning once you click it, it surfs ads on it’s own, and you must keep the window visable while it is doing so. You can open a small window in the corner of your screen and let it do it’s thing. I have found that the one on Earnably works the best. You can sign up here:

      Then go to Minute Staff:

      Click on the last tab called “Live” and select the first grey box that reads: “1.375 per hour.” But in my experience, it has paid much more than that. Good luck!!!


  10. Thanks for the linkage in your GiftHulk section 🙂 Much appreciated. Shipping another batch of FOY codes your way.


  11. How much do you make per month when you’re really working everything well? Or what’s the range… amount made on a slow month to amount made when you’re really on it everyday?


    1. Well, this is hard to answer, but I will do my best! I have a spreadsheet that I keep my cashouts on. So, for instance now, I have about $140 at Clixsense that I have not cashed out yet, so it is not added into it. Also all my other sites that I’ve not cashed yet. My totals change from day to day, depending on how hard I work, and how well I’ve been keeping up with all the “passive” stuff I run on my Kindles, etc. SO… my average per month (right now — meaning TODAY) is $501.53. My daily average is $16.49, and weekly average is $122.82. My averages are down right now because I just got back from a 10 day vacation, and I hardly did a thing. 🙂 Not to mention I take days off here and there for various reasons. So, the running totals can fluctuate wildly. I hope this gives you a good idea. 🙂


  12. Hello!! Which one do you use more? Like my favorite is Swagbucks because I am able to get more sb but which one do you see makes more money?


    1. Well, there are 5 that I use the most. I am only saying that because of my earnings, and earnings do not always equate to more (or less) time spent on the site! Ha ha! These are my top 5 (of more than 20), listing in order of $$ eared since January 1st of this year: Earnhoney ($776), mTurk ($585), Swagbucks ($450), ClixSense ($273), MyPoints ($235). It would be much more if it were not for “Soft Bans.” A soft ban is kind of like a time out where you can’t interact with certain features of a site. I bet nearly everyone has experienced it with Swagbucks (not being able to do nCraves, “Oops! Looks like that one got away!”, etc.) But it happens at all the sites. The way around it — at least temporarily — is to change your IP address. But they always figure out it is you, and soft-ban you again. Changing your IP too often may cause you to be banned permanently. Yikes!


      1. I was able to do the clicks on buzz at earn honey but now they are gone. And I cannot watch the videos. I have an iPhone so I cannot download the app.


      2. Why can’t you watch the videos on EarnHoney? Are you not getting the “viewability” circles to change color? If so, make sure you have all ad blocks turned off, and try different browsers. Look under OfferToro to see if you can do “Videology.” It is the best paying around at 1.5 cents per round.


      3. I think Jennifer is talking about the buzz tv links (Loreil, Ford Motor, etc.). Jennifer, they have been gone for me as well for about a week or so. I suspect they discontinued them.


  13. Hi there 🙂 I left you a msg through this blog’s contact form. Not sure if you read it. Hoping to exchange good ideas.


      1. Ok….and ?? Sent contact form on this blog with $ 1 amzn code tip. Hope it made it through. I would’ve sent it as an email if there was an email address here. thank u.


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