It actually makes a lot of cents to use ClixSense.


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It used to give me a somewhat creepy feeling to check out some of these PTC (paid to click) sites. What, with the flashing neon banners promising that you will “Get Rich!” and pictures of people holding up wads of cash. It always screamed “SCAM!” to me. But ClixSense is distinct. And I must say, it came as a surprise to me.

ClixSense has moved on from being a PTC to a GPT (get paid to) site. Honestly, I ignore all the other things there, that you find the very same of at all the other GPT sites. I’m speaking of Offer walls, surveys, micro tasks, shopping online, contests, etc. However, if you do choose to participate in these things, you will earn a Daily Checklist Bonus. Premium members will earn a bonus of up to 16.0% of their personal earnings, while Standard members will earn a bonus of up to 7.0%.

The difference between Premium Members and Standard Members is the cost of upgrading to PREMIUM status is $17 USD and is valid for 1 year from the date of upgrade. Being a STANDARD MEMBER is FREE. They also offer a 2 year Premium upgrade for $30.

The benefits that go along with being a Premium member are: signup commissions, higher downline click commissions, more chances to win in ClixGrid, more ads available, an 8-Tier affiliate program that pays you for each referral that also upgrades to Premium. Myself, I have chosen to NOT upgrade to Premium. To me, unless you are going to have hundreds or thousands of referrals, it is just not worth it. Being Premium does not pay you more per ad, and I have NEVER run out of ads to click on, and you still earn from people that sign up under your referral link as a free Standard Member, so I think it is a waste to sign up for Premium. However, since they have an extremely active forum at ClixSense, check it out and make your own decision.

Logging into your ClixSense account more frequently should avail more ads to you as you will find ads from smaller advertisers before they are consumed by other members. ClixSense averages over 800 people logged in at most times. If an ad comes in that has 500 clicks available on it, the first 500 people who click this ad will see it. The other 300 will have to wait for other ads to come in. You will NOT see any ads for Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material. Also websites containing malicious script or code, excessive pop-ups, or viruses are prohibited. It is a really safe site, and I have experience zero problems.

clixsenseLogin daily, several times a day if you can. It may take as long as 90 seconds and a refresh to see the available ads. Their system will allocate ads to you but it takes a little time for this to happen. Don’t assume there are no ads to view! Just give it a minute or so. Soon, there will be more ads than you can possibly view. Perhaps play some ClixGrid while you are waiting. ClixGrid is a game where you can win money for picking the correct spot on a grid. It doesn’t pay though, unless you “win.” I usually skip this.

The pay for the ads are paid based on length. A 5 second ad pays $.001, 15 second ad pays $.005, and 30 second ad pays $.01. There are also the occasional 60 second ad that pay $.02. It ads up SURPRISINGLY fast! I’ve been finding I make more here each day lately than with Swagbucks. I like to do this while watching TV, and running SB nCraves on my laptop and SB apps on my Kindle or phone.clixsense 2

An app you may find beneficial, especially if you use multiple PTC sites is called Buxenger. You will earn at a MUCH faster rate. A separate post will be done about this at a later time.

Cash-out is done via PayPal, PayToo, Neteller, Tango Card, Payza or check. The only downside I see is they do charge a fee for PayPal of 2%, up to $1. A mailed check is $1. However, PayToo and Tango Card are FREE of fees! The first cash-out is done by check and this first cash-out is free. This is so they can validate you with a pin number.

I will be choosing Tango Card for my future cash-outs as, I want to get my granddaughter a FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn for Christmas. She talks about this like Ralphie did with the “Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!” in the 1983 movie A Christmas Story. Remember? It came with “a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time!”

Well, not to be outdone, FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn is a beautiful unicorn who came from her home in an enchanted forest to become my granddaughter’s very best friend!

StarlilyShe responds to voice and touch with more than 100 sound and motion combinations. She moves her head and hoof, makes special sounds, and her horn flashes in different colors! She flutters her beautiful, delicate wings. Her front leg moves; she sits, stands, and lies down; and she can even move when she hears music. Briella tells me almost in a whisper, with her steel-blue eyes, big and round like saucers staring into mine, “She is REAL, Granny!!”

StarLily also has a beautiful mane and tail that Briella can comb and braid and tangle and cut off with her blunt safety scissors! Batteries are sold separately. Yes, she told me about the batteries… And that I need to “MAKE SURE she has some batteries!”

Yes, My Lovely. I will make sure I get batteries. And you better love and treasure this FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn after the 18,000 ads Granny has clicked on!

[embedit snippet=”starlily-unicorn”] [embedit snippet=”amazon-holidays-banner”]

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