Need money NOW? QuickRewards Network is for you. Faster paying than Swagbucks, and you can cash out EVERY day!

The Good:

  • Surveys and videos tenQR3d to pay more than SB. Especially the videos, when you consider you can watch 1 video for 100 QuickPoints (1 cent) — or at SB, 5 or more videos for 1 SB (1 cent).
  • Cash out at any time via PayPal, as often as you’d like.
  • They also offer electronic and physical gift cards.
  • Their customer support is outstanding.

The Bad:

  • Sometimes, some of the videos won’t play, and therefore won’t credit. Usually because that advertiser has used up their budget for the day.
  • QR is not passive, like parts of SB can be.
  • Their blog on the site is updated very infrequently.
  • I stay away from printing the grocery coupons. This is one place SB has QR beat. SB pays 10 cents for each coupon printed and redeemed, and QR only 5 cents. Plus, they want you to email them once they are redeemed to earn credit. Yuck.

The Ugly:

  • The website. It seems to be stuck in the 90’s. But once you get used to it, (this only takes a few days) it is actually very straightforward and easy to navigate.

Cashing out:

  • You may cash out at ANY time!
  • PayPal payments have NO MINIMUM amounts.
  • Most gift certificates require you to have a minimum of $5 balance to redeem.
  • PayPal payments are usually sent within 12-24 hours. Yes, hours! I’ve QR4even gotten my payment in a little as 15 minutes!
  • Gift certificates are usually ordered on the same day as you request them. If the gift certificate is an e-gift certificate you will receive it in your email within a few hours.
  • Just TRY it! You can watch one video, INSTANTLY get credit for it, then go cash out via PayPal for 1 cent if you like! But you COULD easily spend all day on this site and cash out with several dollars.

Things I am sure to do every day On QuickRewards (QR):

  • Interactive Videos: QP vary, but in the neighborhood of 87 – 125. This is around 1 cent per video, which blows away SB! The value of 100 Quick Points is $0.01. Once you earn 100 Quick Points, the system will automatically convert it into cash for you.
  • Trivia: 50 QP for correct answer
  • Daily and Hourly Clicks:  Mostly these “clicks” consist of watching only one video (Yes you Swaggernauts! Only ONE video to receive credit!!), or viewing an 8 – 10 page QR2slideshow. Most pay between 1¢ – 2¢. SO…instead of viewing 65 videos on SB to earn 10 cents, you can watch 10 videos on QR to earn 10 cents. It’s a no-brainer if videos are your preferred way of earning. in order to view more than one at a time, you have to open multiple browser windows (one in each).
  • Even MORE videos: These are from Gwallet, SuperSonic Ads, Peanut Labs, etc. Pay varies widely, and they are not always available, but they are there for you just the same.
  • I do the Flix TV every so often. The other videos pay much, much better, and this is only 25 QP. Plus you can only do it every 10 minutes. But it is there, on the off chance you run out of things to do.
  • They have the offer wall, just like SB. With gWallet, Personaly, MatoMyMoney, Trial Pay, Revenue Universe, Peanut Labs. I will glance at these but tend to stick the the daily and hourly clicks. Most offers credit instantly as long as you followed the rules. Some offers can take a couple of days to show up as stated on the site.
  • Daily Click Tasks – Usually around 29 QP just for visiting a site for 10 seconds.

In a nutshell:

  • QuickRewards Net was founded in 2002. It is another GPT site that rewards its members for doing things they normally do online. You know… shopping, visiting websites, surveys, reading paid emails, signing up for offers, etc.
  • You can join by simply clicking on this link and filling out a simple 30 second form.
  • Currently they accept members from United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
  • They have e gift cards for Amazon and eBay, and 50 physical gift cards to choose from (mailed weekly) including: Disney, CVS, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, ToysRUs and Home Depot, plus lots more.
  • If you ever lose interest in the site, simply cash-out and be done with it. You don’t have to leave earned money sitting there because you got tired and frustrated at trying to reach the cash-out threshold.
  • When can you cash out? Every single day if you like! No minimum if you do PayPal. Even as low as $0.01.
  • If surveys are your thing, you will definitely want to sign up for their emails. I understand this is where you will get the most targeted surveys that you are more likely to qualify for. I hate doing surveys. Did I ever mention that?

Can QR realistically be used as a main source of income?

There are some that use QR as their main or only earner. I could easily see that being done, but I get bored. I don’t know HOW I get bored, but I do. I like to change it up. Besides, eBay and Amazon Mechanical Turk are my main sources of income. But, I DO get sick of them from time-to-time. MomsOffice is different every day. The amount of money is different every day. That being said, I don’t sit on QR all day. I have it open in a separate screen while I work on other things. For me, this is in addition to, not a main earner. There are days and weeks I don’t even visit it because something else has my attention. Like when my husband is shouting from downstairs to me, “Do we have any poop paper?”

“We are going to have to get some. This is the cheap shit I got from Dollar Tree.” I shout as I toss rolls down the stairs and one bounces off his head. (I was going to put these particular rolls in our guest bathroom.)

“Oh Lord…” he mumbles and he picks up the bits of dust and debris that went flying from the mealy rolls that I was going to offer our grandchildren and other guests to wipe their most delicate areas.

This is why I like these kinds of sites. I can work in short spurts and pick up where I left off. I can jump up when my husband comes in the door attempting to carry in $124 of groceries in one fell swoop and accuses me of using him as a Pack Mule. Or when a grandchild doesn’t even cry when she flips the glider rocker on top of herself and holds it there sideways on her back until I lift it off her, because she was once AGAIN using it like a merry-go-round and gathered enough speed to go airborne.

Working in bits and pieces on these GPT sites is VERY unlike when I am trying to write. Like right now. I have a 4-year-old incessantly tapping me on the arm say “Granny”  ad nauseam while I am in mid-thought and mid-sentence. And I know if I don’t get this in writing NOW, my early onset dementia will take over and erase it from my mind forever.

It’s moments like these that I husband will look at me with a bit of concern and caution. “What are you doing, Kim? Are you having a seizure or a stroke or something?”

“Shhhhh!!!!!! My wheels are turning!!” I bark.

“Your wheels are turning? I’m confused. You mean on your walker?”

“I don’t use an effing walker!”

“Well I KNOW… but I don’t know what you are thinking sometimes! And then you get that…that… look. I’m can plainly see now that you are not having a medical emergency, but are simply trying to block us out.” He then pauses for dramatic effect. “Should I go and get you some Kamora?”

“Yes, please. That would be lovely.”

6 thoughts on “Need money NOW? QuickRewards Network is for you. Faster paying than Swagbucks, and you can cash out EVERY day!

  1. This is very nifty. I was looking for an alternative to swagbucks and this is some great stuff! Thank you for this.


    1. It depends on what you are clicking on. If you are at the “Daily Clicks” these should approve after about 30 – 45 seconds after viewing the video. Just refresh, and it should show “COMPLETED” under the video link. Some other things, such as “Interactive Videos” will credit later in the day. This will also show under “Account” in the right hand corner, and then “Completed Offers.” The videos will not show under this ledger, just show “completed” on the “Daily Clicks” screen. This is also where you will find credit for surveys, etc. Hope this helps! 🙂


  2. Hi, I’ve just recently started using Quickrewards but the gWallet videos seem to be broken here and not loading completely for this past 2 days. I can’t get it to credit at all. Have you been still able to do the health videos recently, like yesterday or today?


    1. It’s not just you. These video clicks have been broken for a few days now. Some will credit, but most will not. Hang in there, I’m sure they will be back soon! Here’s a tip: The same videos can also be found at Swagbucks and PrizeRebel under the “Radium One” wall. They pay 1 cent vs QuickRewards .8 cent. Check all the walls at each site. You will find some extra ones that way. But unfortunately, they are broken across all the sites right now.


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