has moved!

Yes, I’ve packed up and moved to the FREE WordPress domain!

MomsOffice recommends… Swagbucks!

I’m all about making money, and not foolishly spending it. So when they wanted me to pay (A FORTUNE!) to keep going, I said, “Hell No!” “No thank you.” Truth be known, I’m a bit of a cheap ass.

MomsOffice recommends…..Grindabucks!

With lots of Googling, I’m sure people will find me. So, please be patient whilst I get things set up here. As you know, I am a good for nothing slackard procrastinator and have a touch of the lazies. So some of the links may not work at first, but I’ll get to them.


Peace & Love,


MomsOffice recommends PrizeRebel!
MomsOffice recommends…PrizeRebel

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