ACT FAST! Earn a 2% bonus for the next 12 hours on EARNABLY!

This was posted on Earnably’s Twitter page approximately 4 pm EST, Feb. 24, 2018:

“Enter promo code EARN80441 at to earn a 2% bonus for the next 12 hours.”

If you are not a member, sign up here! I love this site, and they have awesome customer service!

In addition to completing things recommended on my To Do List, (posted below) open as many Video Loyalty videos and EngageMe.TV videos as your computer will allow. EngageMe.TV limits to 3 instances at once. And don’t forget Discovery  Media as well as VideoLab under OfferToro! (Under the “Videos” tab.)

Do NOT forget! You MUST enter the promo code EARN80441 at to earn the 2% bonus for the next 12 hours.

Earnably – (Sign up here)

  • Minute Staff – Visit the tabs on “”Instant, View, Click & Target,” then the blue link. Keep refreshing and do until gone. But check back. They replenish often! After you have done them for a certain amount of time, the “Target” tab will become available as well.
  • PTCWall – Some really easy ads to click on. Once you have viewed the ad, there will be an upside down picture to click on (to make sure you are a human being), then you receive credit.
  • HyprMX – They finally got these videos! They always had a link before, but now it works!
  • AdGate Rewards – Look for and print one coupon for 22 points! Then sort “low to high” and look for the easy medical videos that you just click on to play.
  • Acornads – Look for and print one coupon for 11 points! Sometimes there are the Insurance Branch offers where you just enter your zip code to credit.
  • Offer Walls – All the same offer walls you find everywhere else. Pick your favorites.
  • Videos –, Video Lab and Video Loyalty. Video loyalty is part of EarnHoney. You can sign up directly with them here.
  • Promo Codes – Check Twitter or Facebook.

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