The all-new, not-so-quick-or-awesome-playlists that are no more than 5.5 videos per SB. (Because Swagbucks has gotten mean and stingy)

Swagbucks is getting on my NERVES! They are making it harder and harder to earn Swagbucks these days. I am hoping this is only temporary. I have many bones of contention with them at the moment, however, the only thing I will discuss here and now is their playlists. Used to, they had many very reasonable playlists with 4 or less videos per SB. Okay, so we must step up our game and remain naively optimist that they will come to their senses in short order.

  • As of:  9/2/2016
  • And since they make it so hard to weed through them, I have made this helpful list. Below are the current playlists are in multiples of 5 or 5.5 per SB earned:

And…. Well, move along folks. Nothing to see here!

The best you are going to do is 6 videos per SB. Not worth it in my opinion, unless it is a very quick playlist, such as I have compiled here. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with the “Watch” portion of the Swag-Button (10 videos for 3 SB), but you have to click through them one-by-one. Also do the Sponsored Videos. My favorite is “Tour The Web” for 2 SB (Can be done multiple times!) and nCrave (If nCrave is available to you, that is. — Not everyone gets them, and I am one of those poor, wretched souls.) I’m starting to wonder what the deal is with these SB playlists. It really has gotten ridiculous.

And folks… that’s it! This is a sad day for Swaggernauts. Other than this list (now nonexistent), stick with the ones that are in multiples of 6 videos per SB. Or better yet — try Inbox Dollars. They have a new feature called Inbox Dollars TV. You can watch it desktop or mobile. And it adds up FAST. Much quicker than SB video playlists lately. Just set it to play, and every now and again it will ask you if you are still watching. Too easy! Below is what I have earned recently just from Inbox Dollars TV:

  • 08/23/16  $1.76
  • 08/22/16  $1.82
  • 08/21/16  $2.23
  • 08/20/16  $1.78
  • 08/19/16  $2.01

[embedit snippet=”inbox dollars”]


I’ve also taken my video watching to QuickRewards. If you look under the “Daily Clicks,” they have more Buzzworthy videos than you can watch. EACH VIDEO pays 50 or 100 QP, which is equivalent to 1/2¢ or 1¢ PER VIDEO. Why would you spend your precious time watching 6 – 11 videos at Swagbucks for 1 measly SB (1¢), when you can do this? You can more than triple your video earnings at Quickrewards! Hint:  I like to stay with the Buzzworthy “Cadaliac” and “Refugee” videos. Once you click the link, it will play. You don’t have to wait for the “play” button to come up. I run these in a window next to what ever else I am working on. AND, You can cash out EVERY DAY! No matter what your earnings are!

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4 thoughts on “The all-new, not-so-quick-or-awesome-playlists that are no more than 5.5 videos per SB. (Because Swagbucks has gotten mean and stingy)

  1. I cannot believe swagbucks took away your last two from your first list. If they had to decrease the payout why not decrease it gradually by 1 sb so the New Orleans would have been 12 videos for 3 and the Tsa would have been 5 or 6 videos for two. I hope you don’t mind, but when people have asked on reddit for short video playlist, I post the link to your 4 minutes or less. (If you don’t want me to, please let me know and i won’t) Now I wonder if they are going to start taking those away too. And when I did the team challenge last week, there were a Ton of lists that were 5 videos for 1 SB. Because I did your entire list of 4 minute videos for team points (felt like it took forever and I was clicking as soon as i saw the check mark too) and then I went looking for any 5 video play lists and there were a lot. The two that they took away are one of the reasons I kept going on swagbucks on days I did not feel like doing it. . I know it was only 7 sb, but it made those first ten seem easier to get on days that getting started was the hard part. On inbox dollars how many hours are you watching to get those totals (an estimate is fine)?


    1. Another user just pointed out to me that Toolbar TV on the SwagButton is now auto-playing!!! This makes up for them messing with the play-lists. I am starting to wonder if they are getting rid of those all together — there are less and less of them I’ve noticed lately. Anyway, ditch the playlists and watch on the SwagButton! This is quite new, because I stopped using the SwagButton about a week and a half ago because it was getting on my nerves. :/

      And shoot no!! I do NOT mind if you want to spread the word about MomsOffice to whomever or where ever your heart desires! The more the merrier!


  2. I discovered you through your ClixSense post on Twitter last week. So glad I did! I joined EarnHoney through your link.

    I have a question about the TVMinutes. It says it pays 30 HD per hour, but I’m only getting about 6 HD per hour. 1/10th of an HD per video. Do you know if there’s something special I need to do in order to get the 30 HD per hour? Thanks!


    1. Thank you for visiting MomsOffice! So glad you stopped by. Please keep coming back, as I have a lot more posts to come, just as soon as I stop procrastinating. 🙂

      On EarnHoney, they are still a relatively new site, so they are still working out a lot of bugs. No one has quite figured out their figures of earning what they SAY you will earn. I suppose in a perfect world if the videos ran without hiccups they way they are meant to be, you would earn the 30 HD per hour. I highly recommend you keep up with the goings-on at Reddit/Earnhoney:

      There is always tons of useful info there. Sometimes a representative from EarnHoney stops by to answer questions, or to let users know what they are working on. If nothing else, it lets you know others are experiencing the same as you. I do love this site. And I am being patient while they work out their growing pains. I can’t complain at all. I earn around $135 a month with them and it is quite easy.

      So…short answer to your question: No, you don’t need to do anything special. 🙂


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