If You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of All 7 Apps That Will Earn You 60+ Swagbucks Per Day – You Are Really Missing Out! Or, ARE You?

Back on October 27, 2014, Team Swagbucks posted to their blog:  —  “Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Get Our Mobile Apps! Earning Swag Bucks wherever you are is the hottest trend around! And with our multiple mobile apps, you can not only earn SB on the go, but watch great content at the same time!”

How exciting! How appealing! And how cool and easy! I bet smiles were plentiful. Well, let’s review this Team Swagbucks move that inspired such an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration. Shall we?

All of the apps are now available for Android and iOS. I run the Android apps on my Kindle Fire so I don’t burn up my phone. There IS a workaround if you want to add these apps to your Kindle. (Currently, the Kindle will only download the SBTV one.) You have to allow it to download from unknown sources. That’s all I am going to say. You will need to do your own research, because I don’t want to be responsible for when if you get a virus or something. I actually have two Kindles, but one of the grandchildren has either jacked it or hidden it from me. Oops — I have once again deviated away from the main topic of, “Swagbucks Tips & Tricks: Get Our Mobile Apps!”

Swagbucks Mobile:  Android / iOS

  • Many of the features available for desktop aren’t included in this app.
  • I have it installed on my phone solely for the purpose of being alerted to Swag Codes. However, you can’t read the entire notification they send you. So, at least I know to go online and search for the code.
  • You can do some special offers. Such as installing a new app and then immediately deleting it once it credits. IF it credits.
  • Complete searches and possibly earn SB.
  • Do the daily poll.
  • Watch videos through the app. It is the same as the SBTV which is also available separately.

Swagbucks TV (SBTV):  Android / iOS

  • This is the official Swagbucks TV Mobile app. It works beautifully. Just open and run. I always watch the Short Clips of the stand-up comics, because it goes quickly. I’ve never noticed a Bonus Round with this app though.

And now, the Yowgo Apps: Ah yes. The Yowgo Apps….

EntertaiNow, MovieCli.ps, Lifestylz.tv, Sportly.tv, and Indymusic.tv. Each can earn you at least 10 SB. But they are buggy as hell.

EntertaiNOW TV Mobile:  Android / iOS

MovieCli.ps:  Android / iOS

Lifestylz.tv:  Android / iOS

Sportly.tv:  Android / iOS

Indymusic.tv:  Android iOS

swag_appsThe benefit: (Yes, singular.)

  • On these apps, the combined total guaranteed number of SB you can earn in a day is 60 SB. According to Swagbucks, Bonus Rounds are in full effect across all mobile video apps, though I personally have never encountered it on their own SBTV app. Only on the Yowgo apps. These Bonus Rounds are randomized and based on one’s activity, these SB bonus rounds can enable you to earn way beyond the daily limit of 10 SB each. There are no limits to how many bonus rounds you can receive in one day.

The errors, flaws, failures, defects, downsides to these Yowgo LLC apps:

  • You have to baby-sit the apps. But I am used to babysitting.
  • Constantly stops on the ads, then you have to hit the “x” to close out the ads.
  • Constantly freezes and locks up.
  • There is an ad before every video. Yes, I understand that the ads are the whole point, but still.
  • Have to continually exit and restart.
  • Screen goes black after every couple of videos
  • The Bonus Rounds will usually have you watch a crazy amount of videos to earn 2 more SB. Like 22 or 44 more videos. In a perfect world, I could leave this app running while I sleep and I wouldn’t mind.
  • BUT, before you get to the Bonus Round, you will need to watch 5 rounds of 15 videos (75 videos WITH 75 commercials) to get to your 10 SB. This wouldn’t be a tremendous pain in the Arse if… Well, re-read above.

Bottom Line:

  • I use these apps every day until I get fed up. The only one I am sure to view is the actual SBTV app. Just set it and forget it. If they worked properly, these apps would be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

One thought on “If You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of All 7 Apps That Will Earn You 60+ Swagbucks Per Day – You Are Really Missing Out! Or, ARE You?

  1. Very informative write up. I didn’t know this about some of these apps so I am glad I read this. I had a feeling babysitting it was involved but I could do it I think.


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