Qmee: Let me tell you about the free extension/browser app that gives you real money for clicking ads from your Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing searches

Qmee: Is a free extension/browser app to make money clicking ads from your normal Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing searches.

I always forget it is there, until a link to earn 12 cents or so pops up. It is THAT unintrusive. And best of all, there isn’t a catch.Qmee

Search online as usual with Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing. You don’t need to do anything different.

Qmee results appear alongside your search. Most Qmee results have a cash reward attached. If you are interested in the result, click on it and collect your reward. Each Qmee result shows the amount you’ll receive if you click on it. Some are worth more than others. They only show relevant results so they don’t appeaqmee 4r all the time.

You log in to your account on the Qmee website to check your balance. It’s up to you when you empty your piggybank. There is no minimum. When you’re looking for stuff to buy or use, there are millions of businesses vying to get your attention. With an ordinary web search, it’s a one way relationship: you put the time in to search, you click on an advertisement or listing and you pay for what they selling. Once you have the Qmee app, extra results appear when you search. Businesses that use Qmee listings value you and are happy to give you a little something back to say thank you for looking at their web pages. You don’t do anything different.

Search for stuff you actually want, using your favorite search page just as you always have. You’ll see all the usual listings, with Qmee as an extra on the left. If you find what you want in the normal listings, that’s fine. But if a Qmee listing is qmee 2relevant and you click on it, a few coins will drop into your piggybank.

Founded in 2012, Qmee is the fastest-growing search-loyalty application on the Internet. Featuring a true cash bank that allows consumers to withdraw their funds through a PayPal account or to redirect their earnings to local and national charities.

Qmee has seen 500% growth annually in the UK and the US, leading CNNMoney.com to suggest it could be the future of online search. Qmee takes your security and privacy very seriously. They don’t share your data with anyone else without your permission. By using Paypal to cash out your rewards they don’t hold any of your financial information. All communication between the Qmee app and their servers is encrypted, and they do not track any other browsing activity. They do not access or alter in any way your browsers’ settings, cookies or other private information

Qmee works in qmee 5Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer. Qmee is not yet available for mobile, smartphone, tablet, iPod or iPad, but they are working on it.

How much do you earn by clicking on a Qmee result? It varies from a few cents (or pennies) to up to a dollar. The amount is shown in the top right hand corner of the ad.

You build up your value to Qmee by using it as part of your normal online searching. So if you like the look of a result, click on it, explore the pages it leads you to and engage with the business. You’ll be a valued visitor. As well as showing results with cash rewards, they also show offers in the sidebar to make your internet shopping experience even better, and to try and save you some money too. If you see a result without a cash reward attached, it’s an offer result – they contain an offer code for you to use which will save you money should you decide to buy something from the linked website. I’ve seen many times where I am searching for something to buy, and Qmee shows me a site with a better price and/or free shipping, or a promo code.

I installed Qmee sometime last fall, and I love it. So far this year (since January 1, 2016) I have earned $7.58. That’s not bad for something I forget about until it pops up in my search results to remind me. I’m sure it would be more if I did a lot more online shopping. Remember, pennies add up to dollars, and dollars add up to twenties, and twenties add up to hundreds, and, well, you get the idea.

MomsOffice gives Qmee 5 stars!

(Or 5 toilet seats up…)

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