How To Earn Several Quick Swagbucks – Every Day! The Best And Quickest Video Playlist

SB = Swagbucks

Don’t waste your precious time watching a video playlist consisting of 20 videos for only 3 SB. I’ve even seen some really ridiculous ones, like 114 or 58 videos for 3 SB. Are you kidding me?

Your goal is to watch no more than 5 videos for 1 SB, and in multiples of 5. For example: 10 videos for 2 SB, 15 videos for 3 SB. However, these listed below are even better! LESS than the 5-to-1 ratio!

Remember, once you see a “check-mark” next to a video, you can move on to the next. Or, better yet, go do something else while the videos are playing. They will advance automatically, if you computer is not bogged down. (Bad, bad habit of mine…)

UntitledSince I use this list myself, it will be consistently updated. I recommend bookmarking this page. Click on the links below to take you directly to these best paying videos. Yes, I combed through page after page, but the time saved is worth it. These will give you the most bang for your Swagbuck.

Last Edit/Update:  8/23/16

NONE! Swagbucks took them all away as of 8/23/16! This is too cruel, Swagbucks! Why Swagbucks? WHY? They are killing me. This list used to bring 50 – 60 SB alone. So sad… Please keep checking back. I will update this as soon as they give us some decent playlists! Please check out this new post: 

The all-new, not-so-quick-or-awesome-playlists that are no more than 5.5 videos per SB. (Because Swagbucks has gotten mean and stingy)

If you like to watch videos, you probably would like to check out ClixSense. Earn 1 cent for watching two 15 second ads! Actually a BETTER payout than most Swagbucks videos.

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A free extension/browser app to make money by clicking ads from your normal Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing searches. You don't need to do anything different. And there is NO catch!
A free extension/browser app to make money by clicking ads from your normal Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing searches. You don’t need to do anything different. And there is NO catch!


What are Swagbucks? Read more here!

25 thoughts on “How To Earn Several Quick Swagbucks – Every Day! The Best And Quickest Video Playlist

    1. You are so welcome! I check this list every day (because I use it myself), and make sure the links are still valid. I add new ones as they become available!


  1. For all of these, the final video never appears. For instance if you need to watch 8 videos, only 7 show up in the list at the bottom. This is on Chrome. In firefox, they all show, but they don’t seem to credit.

    Still a good listing for those that can get them to credit properly. Thanks!


    1. Is there a particular playlist you are speaking of? I also use Chrome mostly. The only problem I ever have is that sometimes, a video will play all the way through and not credit. In these instances, I find that if I copy the URL and paste it in a new window, (closing out the old one) it usually “resets” and credits. On rare occasion, I’ve had to do this a couple of times, or play that particular video in Firefox instead. I hate to watch a video and not get credit. 🙂 If this doesn’t answer your question, please give me a definite example. Glad you like the list!


    2. Your browser may not be set at the normal zoom level of 100%. Many reddit users have found that the final video disappears if the page is zoomed in or zoomed out. In Chrome you can change the zoom settings under “View” in the main menu. I’m not sure where to find zoom settings for other browsers but it is probably in a similar location. You may also be able to use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + 0 (PC) or Cmd + 0 (Mac) to set the zoom to 100%.


      1. Thank you meeple! I wasn’t quite sure what the problem was for Jason. Hopefully this resolves it! I love to see us working together! I would never be where I am without scouring help from other Swagsbucks users. Many of us use this to supplement our incomes. 🙂


  2. Given that there are varying lengths of videos, are you not better to look at SB per minute rather than SB per video (if you are just leaving it to run)?


    1. That’s a good question, and I agree. If you are just leaving it to run, that is. My list, (and the way I use it) is to let it run on a laptop next to my desktop while I work on other things. Every once in a while, I glance over and advance to the next video once the shows a “check mark” indicating that it is watched. It actually goes pretty quick for me. Once these are done, I watch other video playlists, and then I am just interested in the maximum points. I’ll run these while I am away from my computers. Everyone has their own way. For me, it would be too time consuming to comb through and find the shortest playing times. Thanks for you comment!! 🙂


  3. Seems it might be possible to automate that working out…. Here’s a list of the current playlists in ‘efficiency’ order – based on SB per Minute at the advertised length of the playlist:


    1. That…list…is amazing! Thank you! I have to ask, did you compile this list using a magic tool that we don’t know about? Seriously!?! My list is done manually. Is there an efficiency tool? I’ve not been through the entire list yet, but is it all U.S. videos?


    1. Yes, I see that!! 😦
      I’ve just updated the list, as I do every day (barring unforeseen circumstances). But Swagbucks is making it harder and harder for us. I deleted probably more than half the list. Some of the links still worked, but it was equal to, or more than 5 videos per SB. which in my opinion is too much to ask for a mere penny. This is one of the reasons I am spending less time on SB, and more time on QuickRewards. I am working on a post now regarding this site. Thanks for visiting, and please continue to do so!!! 🙂


      1. You tried QuickRewards? Yes, it is not for everyone, and definitely takes some getting used to. However, it can earn money fast, and you can cash out every day with no minimum. I am TRYING to do a new post on QuickRewards, however I’ve been non-stop babysitting the grand-kids for a couple of weeks, plus we have had a death in the family. Soon, I promise, soon. 🙂 Also will review the others you have mentioned. (PrizeRebel and Instagc)


      2. Thank you Rebecca! Everything is much better now. I also use those two sites on occasion as well. I will be talking about them in the future.


  4. Swagbucks giveth and taketh away… Netflix news and airport news have disappeared. And airport news was there several hours ago, but now it’s gone. I had hopes when i saw you were back up to 4 lists that we were going to get more of them back. Oh well.


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